Paperback, ISBN 978-1-937997-41-0; $12.95 US; Ebook $3.99.


​"Ms. Harlen captures the heartbeat (and cholesterol) of Northeastern Pennsylvania in her expertly plotted thriller. I loved the reluctant gumshoe — spunky and fallible Marina Konyeshna — with her weakness for pocketbooks and shoes, and went to sleep wondering what on earth she could get herself—and her family and friends — into next.” — Sara Pritchard, author of HELP WANTED, FEMALE


"There can be no better writer of modern sea adventure around today." — Clive Cussler

"Tiller Galloway is a terrific hero ... A fast-paced, convincing thriller set in an unusual locale."

— Baltimore Sun

"Local atmosphere and a good knowledge of treacherous currents keep things on course."

— London Times

"Plot twists and turns that chart a tricky course through the deep waters of human need and greed."

— Ocala Star-Banner

"Compelling! One of the best mystery adventures about the sea I've encountered."  — Muncie Star


Salvage diver and ex-con Tiller Galloway vowed he’d never work for "The Baptist" again. Until the menacing kingpin makes him an offer he can't refuse, sending him deep into the beautiful blue Caribbean to raise fifty tons of sunken cargo — a dive to the razor's edge of death.

            Caught in the cross fire of a crazed underboss, hostile islanders, and a corrupt Bahamian government, Tiller and his Hatteras Island sidekick Shad Aydlett take on a nightmare of double crosses, as a scenario more sinister than he ever imagined begins to unfold. 

            From the author of Down to a Sunless Sea comes this shattering sequel to Hatteras Blue, a tale as explosive as those of Hammond Innes and Peter Benchley, and packed with some of the most breathless and vivid undersea scenes ever written.

Northampton house press



Greed, corruption, and violence in remote Hemlock County, Pennsylvania. Dragged into a courtroom in shackles, old W. T. "Racks" Halvorsen must convince a jury that everything they believe about their government and their town's chief employer is a lie.
            A tale of organized crime, nursing home scams, teenage suicide, toxic waste dumping, and of one honest man's fight for the truth.

See to order autographed copies of the first edition hardcover.  Paperback: ISBN 978-1-937997-46-5, available through any bookseller or order direct below.  $14.95 US. Ebook, $4.99.

   In the old days wolves roamed Hemlock County. Then the earth was raped and left to die. Now these deserted hills are being haunted by new atrocities. What beast or man is leaving frozen, mangled bodies in the woods?
            Three unlikely heroes will set out to find the answer: "Racks" Halvorsen, retired oil worker and ex-hunter; Becky Benning, a twelve-year-old who knows only she can save her dying brother — with magic; and Leah Friedman, a New York doctor who suspects the truth behind the killings.  Trade paperback available through any bookseller, or order here. ISBN 978-1-937997-40-3, $14.95 US.  Ebook $5.99.


​​"Dark and gritty as a gravel road" — Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Pete Hawthorn’s solving of the decades-old riddle surrounding his father’s disappearance in the Brazilian jungle, as told in OVERSTEER, has led to another mystery: the "accidental" racetrack deaths of three members of an elite French racing fraternity. Three men with but one thing in common: all were part of an anti-Nazi resistance group in occupied France during World War Two. There were rumors one member had collaborated with the Gestapo to save the life of a beautiful woman, but no proof ever surfaced.
            Now the last living member, Andre Montand, has received a package identical to those received by the other racers who died. It contains a small slab of machined metal often placed in the footwell to keep the driver’s left leg from bouncing around in the cockpit; a ‘dead pedal.’
           Pete agrees to drive with Montand in the Mille Miglia, the twisting, dangerous thousand-mile race around Italy, to protect him and unmask the killer. But is he prepared for the twists and turns of one of the most demanding races ever run ... and treachery and betrayal that stretches back to the darkest days of the Nazi occupation?  Order the new ebook edition here . . . only $4.99 US.


YOU CAN’T KEEP MARINA DOWN . . . It’s been a few months since small-town event planner Marina Konyeshna survived a pursuit by international human traffickers, then a mine collapse. Marina’s friends have questioned the empty whipped-cream vodka bottles and the new tattoo, but she thinks they’re overreacting. Her love life is perking up, but it’s not clear how long her new guy will wait on the sidelines while she buries herself in work.

    Still, Marina can’t pack her bags fast enough when a blast from the past offers her the opportunity to work with Russia’s richest woman. 
    In Moscow, Marina’s at first thrilled to find herself taken for a glamorous pop singer who could be her twin . But she soon finds there’s more to being a celebrity than designer clothes and red carpet events.  
    What follows is a return to the dark world of human trafficking, this time peering into the “red market,” where the human body is currency in ways she never imagined possible. and Marina must learn what it takes to survive - physically, mentally, emotionally, and culturally - thousands of miles from home.  Trade paper, $14.95 US, order from any bookstore or online bookseller; ebook $5.99.  Or order direct, here.

Oversteer Cover


​"Vose has also done some racing himself and ... does a credible job of offering a pretty good driver's-eye view of the sport, both on and off the track." — Larry Edsall, AUTOWEEK

When ace driver Pete Hawthorn is offered the chance to return to the Formula One circuit with Scuderia Vitale, a new F-One team, he jumps at it.  His dreams are dimmed, though, by a decades-old tragedy: the mysterious disappearance of his father, James, somewhere in the jungle near Rio de Janeiro, where he was competing in the World Cup Rally twenty years before.
            Denis Windsor, who owned the team Pete’s father drove for back then, turns out to also be the moneyman behind the new Vitale team. But Pete puts his suspicions aside as the team works around the clock to ready the powerful new cars. It’s only after the final test session, when Pete and teammate Alberto Vaccarella prove the cars to be fast and reliable enough for the upcoming season, that the past returns with a vengeance as the team arrives at the Circuit Nelson Piquet in Rio de Janeiro.  This new ebook edition has been revised and updated by the author to make it even more fast-paced, exciting, and authentic.  $3.99 US, order here.


​​“White-knuckle diving scenes, constant action.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Tiller is a character who grows on the reader ... As usual, Poyer provides a smashing climax, this one fraught with danger from man and nature.” — Jacksonville Times-Union

“Claustrophobics beware! David Poyer’s suspenseful cave-diving novel, DOWN TO A SUNLESS SEA, takes readers into water crevices, submerged limestone tunnels, cramped wormholes and subterranean hell holes that give suffocation new meaning ... Vivid, believable descriptions ... We can get the fear and adrenaline of cave-diving without ever leaving the dry safety of our favorite comfy chairs.” — Tallahassee Sun Democrat

Welcome to the most dangerous sport on earth: where cave divers step into murky Florida ponds and end up hundreds of feet below the ground, threading through the narrow passages of Swiss-cheese-like rock formations, heading down tunnels that may open into caverns of breathtaking beauty, or else suddenly collapse in rockfalls that crush out their air and their lives.
            Open-water diver and ex-con Tiller Galloway has descended to this watery underworld to find out why an old friend died young — and take one last shot at being a father, a lover, and a friend. But with a woman opening up her heart, and a deadly conspiracy closing in around him, Galloway must navigate between lies told aboveground and truths hidden in the depths ... where a violent battle is about to explode.
            USA Today-bestselling Dave Poyer continues to be one of America’s most popular writers ... and a master of underwater suspense. Paperback, ISBN 978-1-937997-60-1, $15.95 US from any store or online vendor, or order below. Ebook, $6.99.



The first Tiller Galloway adventure. On a moonless night in March, 1945, a Coast Guard destroyer sank a German U-Boat fifty miles off Hatteras Island, the Graveyard of the Atlantic.  A half-century later, three mummified corpses, wrapped in a decaying rubber raft, come to light during excavation for a new shopping development.  Their reappearance unleashes a tide of powerful forces ... neo-Nazis with a ruthless plan to corner the South American drug market, an Israeli intelligence operative, and a shadowy "historian" with his own, even more dangerous plan.  When Hatteras native, salvage diver, and ex-con Lyle "Tiller" Galloway III starts digging into the discovery, he's forced by an island family cheated of their beachfront land to take on a dangerous silent partner. Together, he and Shadrach Aydlett  will track down what actually happened in the Carolina sand hills so long before, and what everyone's really after ... and finally, face down a ruthless killer in a gut-wrenching battle hundreds of feet beneath the surface.​ 

            With vivid diving scenes, and delving deep into the rich oral lore of the Outer Banks, HATTERAS BLUE's rare original hardcover edition sells for over a hundred dollars. This new edition has been revised and updated by the author to make it even more fast-paced, exciting, and authentic.  Available through any bookseller or online retailer in paperback, or order direct below.  ISBN 978-1-492213-13-0, $15.95 US. Ebook edition $4.99, order below. 

Paperback, ISBN 978-1494808-85-3, $14.95 US; Ebook $4.99. Order below.

ISBN 9781937997403

Editions: Paperback $14.95; ebook $5.99

by David Poyer

For thirty years diehard Poyer fans searched used bookstores for the few tattered copies surviving of WHITE CONTINENT. This sprawling first novel reads like a remix of ATLAS SHRUGGED and THE DOGS OF WAR. It follows a team of adventurers, mercenaries, outcasts, and entrepreneurs in a daring coup to take over the last unclaimed land on earth — the terrifyingly hostile continent of Antarctica. Using advanced technology to survive, they build a Utopian society, both communal and fiercely individualistic, unlike any that exists elsewhere on earth.  Then, joined under their red, green, and white flag, they find they must fight to defend their new country, from those who want to take it from them. 

            The geopolitical scene has changed since WHITE CONTINENT was written. But the book is still prescient, in its foreshadowing of today’s conflicting claims and impending resource wars in places like the Arctic and the China Sea. Fans of Poyer’s later books will notice themes he’s still exploring, such as the search for authentic authority, conflicted heroes, and deeply-layered, multidimensional characters who think as well as act.  Trade paperback available through any store or online bookseller, or order direct below.  ISBN 978-1-937997-67-0 , $14.95 US.  Ebook $3.99, order below.


​​"Poyer knows what he is writing about." — NY Times Book Review

Paperback, ISBN 978-1493795-19-2, $14.95; Ebook $5.99. Order below.

Event planner Marina Konyeshna is a tomboy in peep toe pumps who can plan both elegant soirees and adrenaline-pumping skydiving birthday parties. Unfortunately, she’s crashing on the sofa bed in her mom’s basement, and her career at Prestige Events is veering toward disaster. To make matters worse, Marina discovers the corpse of a girl on the banks of the Susquehanna River, but is forced into silence.
            Enter a mysterious and gorgeous client from Turkey. Arman Ocalan, a wealthy construction company owner, takes her out, and sparks fly; but Marina’s boss’s boyfriend warns her to stay away from Arman and his “connections,” leaving her confused. When Arman invites her to form a team for an elite geocaching event, though, she can’t pass up the prize money. As their team’s adventures unfold, the fates of six strangers depend on Marina. If plucky heroines had their own secret society, Marina Konyeshna, Stephanie Plum and Bridget Jones would all know the handshake.  Trade paper available through any bookstore or online bookseller, $14.95; or order direct, below. Ebook $5.99 US, order below.  Ebook reduced to 3.99 US for months of March and April Spring Special!


"It was on that first day of the hunt, an hour after dawn, that the old man found the body of the boy." The first Hemlock County novel opens during deer season in remote Northwestern Pennsylvania.

            Paul Michelson is searching for the killer who shot his son, then walked away, letting him bleed to death in the snow. Teresa Del Rosario is searching for Michelson, fighting her growing fear he has murder in mind. Retired hunter and oilfield worker W. T. Halvorsen takes on one last quest after Michelson begins killing hunters at random in the winter woods. An epic tale of justice and survival.




On the run from a vengeful past, salvage diver and ex-con Tiller Galloway and his partner, fellow Hatterasman Shadrach Aydlett, need to make themselves scarce.

            Where better to lie low than under the murky, hazardous depths of the Gulf of Mexico? Industrial oilfield diving is the most dangerous work under the sea — which is why it brings big money. But there's more on the floor of the Oil Patch than pipeline and drill rigs.

            There's also a fathomless corruption that may lead to an environmental apocalypse. Tiller can either look the other way, or dig his own watery grave ...


“A stunning period tale in which the oft-forgotten essence of the American dream is visible in every chapter." - Publisher’s Weekly, starred review 
“Dramatic and suspenseful, full of despair and hope.” – Booklist, starred review 
"The prizefight and deer hunt sequences are worthy of Jack London"– Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel 
“Poyer, who grew up in Bradford, has been compared to Steinbeck, with good cause.” – Pittsburgh Post- Gazette

In the depths of the Depression, young boxer and oilwell shooter W. T. "Red" Halvorsen starts a strike in the Pennsylvania oilfields after a refinery disaster exposes the Thunder Oil Company's neglect of workers' safety.

            As the violence escalates, Halvorsen, CIO organizer and secret Communist Doris Gurley Golden, strikebreaker Pearl McYeo, and Thunder Oil owner Daniel Thunner battle to decide the fate of Hemlock County — and whether the bloodshed there will ignite a revolution that will shake all America. 

See to order autographed copies of the first edition hardcover.

Paperback: ISBN 978-1-937997-54-0, from any bookseller or order below, $19.95. Ebook $6.99.


"This is a wonderful book for anyone who wants to find out what automobile racing is all about ... Frankly, you'll get more out of a late night under the blankets with a flashlight and a book like this than in ten showings of DAYS OF THUNDER." — AUTOMOBILE Magazine